• Rates are determined by the event location, please continue reading for Proper Enlightenment 


  • All Deposits and Payments made to ABOUTFAWAZ are non-refundable


  • ABOUTFAWAZ will ALWAYS show up at your Wedding/Events, However, Incase of any Unforeseen Emergency from our Team, Your Deposit will be fully refunded 


  • A rescheduling fee of $350 will be charged every time the wedding/events is rescheduled


  • Our delivery timeline states that client will receive their images/videos within 10days-4weeks from their event day


  • You will be getting all images Professional Color Corrected Pictures from your Event/Wedding. We do not give out RAW Files

  • The CLIENT understands that they are hiring the ABOUTFAWAZPHOTOGRAPHY for capturing their style of Wedding/Events Photography/Videography

  • For outdoor events, the client should have a backup indoor location in case of bad weather. We will not be taking pictures/Videos in the Rain or any bad weather that can cause damages to our equipments

  • Please note that the client will be paying full fee for agreed hours/time, Even if ABOUTFAWAZPHOTOGRAPHY is Unable to provide the same amount of footage, due to weather conditions or guest lateness


  • For Out of State/Out of Country Events/Weddings/Parties, Please be prepared to fund/book the ride/flight for our team. If you'll like us to Fund/Book Our Ride/Flight, please let us know while booking so the fees can be added to your charges


  • Client is fully responsible for receiving venue restrictions such as keeping a certain distance away while photographing or staying within a specific section and passing them along to the photographer/videographer


  • Please note that some limits can severely alter the types of photos/videos captured, having a high impact on the results

  • During the hair, makeup, and dressing portions of your day, we strongly advise your location to be in a large, clean room with large windows and ample natural lighting. If any portion of preparations occurs in a dark, small, cluttered, dimly lit, or artificially lit room, the CLIENT understands the quality of the video/photos may suffer.

  • The crew works very hard for the CLIENT during the entire day and it is our policy to ask the CLIENT to provide the crew with a quality dinner


  • We kindly ask that you thoroughly remind your guests that you have hired a professional photographer/videographer to record/capture your Wedding in order not to get ruined pictures caused by guests trying to use their phones to capture moments


  • We discourage strong colored DJ lightings like deep purples/blues or forest greens. These can make it more difficult to capture your wedding/events

  • All products and services to be delivered by ABOUTFAWAZ are listed on the price quotes sent to the client. If an item is not listed there, the CLIENT should not expect to receive it. CLIENT understands that there have been no other insinuations of delivery for any product or service that is not included in the description

  • Many venues like to dim the lights during many parts of the reception, we kindly remind our CLIENTS that cameras need a minimum amount of light to work with. Sometimes this means having the lights brighter than you would like

  • If a CLIENT does not pay for the full price of the wedding package by the agreed-upon time frame ABOUTFAWAZ will work with the CLIENT to accommodate a more flexible payment schedule. However, the CLIENT understands that they can only receive photos/albums/videos if the CLIENT has paid all fees. This means that if ABOUTFAWAZ  has photographed the CLIENT’s wedding, ABOUTFAWAZ has the right to withhold the photos until full payment for the fees agreed in this contract is rendered

  • This Agreement incorporates the entire understanding of the CLIENT to all its terms. Any modifications of this Agreement must be in writing in the form of an Addendum and signed by all parties. Handwritten or email modifications to this agreement shall be void. The CLIENT signing below shall be fully responsible for ensuring that full payment is made according to the terms of this agreement. 

Photography Agreement 
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