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Our Work


Our ART, Our STYLE  speaks for itself. 

Check out some of our works to see what we have been creating over the years.


These are some of the Weddings we've captured. Click on the Picture to view them. 

Building the Brand, ABOUTFAWAZ, our ART and STYLE screams Uniqueness. Click to see some of the ART we have created over the years.

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Creating Amazing Memories for the little ones contributed immensely to the Growth of our Brand. Click to see some of our works.

Fashion is the Style that's here to stay forever. Everybody loves to be a Fashionista/Model at least once a year. Might be for your Birthday where you plan to style up and glam up to celebrate, Might be for your graduation where you want to step out in style. Click to see what we meant


A Special Moment in the Life of every Mom. Who wouldn't wanna have the moment documented. Check to see how amazing these moment are.

Family is who we are, where we are from, where we are headed. It is a moment that makes us and shapes us. It is an Always and Forever moment. Click to see some of the amazing moments we've created so far.

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Check out some of Video Works. Let our work show itself and you'll be wowed. Click to check and see why we are the go to company for your Favorites.


These are some of the Celebratory moment we've captured. Click on the Picture to view them. 

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